Blowing the 17th Candle...

Tonight's backsound: The Time Has Come - Hillsong United

Dear God,
Tonight im turning 17. And im sure You know it. This hv been so freakin' great. You've planned everything so perfect, im always amazed. Im enjoying every single second of my life, like a man you've sent, called Dad, told me to. Ppl said 17 means maturity, i don't know, im still learning to. But 17 is a beautiful number, God. Thank You for takin care of me.

Dear God,
You set me up 17 years ago to this planet, this home, cool mom and pop, the right family, I know not any detail of it was wrong, nor a coincidentally happened. Everything was cool. Oh God, You're an uber coolness. You know it. Haha.

I haven't planned anything for today. I even don't have any idea what I'm gonna wish to You for my sweet 17th birthday. But I just found out my wish for tonight! Draw me closer and closer to You! :) Not tend to be excessive, but that's all I need.

Dear God,
Someone sent me rose tonight. And surprises. I love surprise. He's just so sweet. Please takin care of him too, God.

Dear God,
Thank You for friends, I laughed so much. I met plenty of new friends this year, cool! Thank You for creating Jack Dorsey who invented Twitter. You know, Twitter has been awfully fun.

Here's cool ppl I know on Twitter. They've been so nice, they greet me happy birthday on twitter :) I feel bad i cant reply them all, i want to save all of their tweets and shout AMEN! to every wishes, make it all my wishes, haha :D

So so sorry I can't mention you all bcos it all stacked to the new ones every minute, but I do read your tweets (im still thinkin if i had chance to write all of your names here but idk i might finish it 2 days later, hehe :) and that makes my dayy, thank youuuuu! :) Okay it's 2 AM already, sleep well, see ya in the morning!

....Dear God,
im sure You KNOW my secret dream. *wink* :))