Good Deeds - Maria Robinson

Kat's Diary: Who am I really? I wife of over 50 years, a mother of 48. A child rescuing a mother, tethered with innumerable screaming babies. A father at the shipyard day and night off Staten Island in the 40s. A taste of Manhattan and the life of the upper level Jewish and Protestant women, breaking free of family and home and worship. And here I am, at 70, a mother to my grandsons, a dreamy dysfunctional daughter, and absent but good provider husband. I have not lacked for anything. But duty, duty, duty. that's all its been. Yes, I have my mother-in law's house in Florida, but really I am still the caretaker of everyone and everything. Didn't anyone ever think that I wanted something more in my life? Yes, I have my dog's, my special time to be alone, but that is all part of the show.