Grown-ups - Karen Cassey

How many times have we looked back at our childhood and realize how much time we wished away? I can remember that I couldn’t wait to turn thirteen, I’d be a teenager, a teeny bopper as our parents of our day would refer to us.

My next wish was I couldn’t wait until I was fifteen. I would be able to get my learner’s permit and take Driver’s Education, on my way to getting my Restricted Drivers License. The law at the time was that you could drive during the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM without a licensed driver, the other hours with a licensed driver accompanying you.

The next wish was, I couldn’t wait to be sixteen…….my Special Restricted License turned into a Regular Driver’s License, just like the grownups. Most importantly, I could finally date.

My last wish was to be eighteen. Finally, I would be taken seriously, after all I was consider an adult by then.

Now I’m fifty. And where did all the time go? I find it interesting that still people of my generation are still wishing their lives away. Wishing they were younger now, while time still passes them by.