It's uni holidays and I am not quite sure of what to do with myself! Aside from drinking too much coffee, wearing pyjamas around the house until far beyond an accepable time and riding closer to lunchtime than breakfast I got nothing!

Anyway, being a lazy Monday I am not even riding today, which basically means that the early-morning haze and general confusion persists until I engage in something at least moderately active. I may need to go and joggle at some stage to wake up (bearing in mind it's close to 2pm here).

Dreaming about upcoming races (because they don't actually hurt while you're planning them, and it always seems like a good idea at the time).

I would love to go to the Red Centre Enduro next year, funds and university timetable permitting. And have (perhaps stupidly) just signed up for The Coffs Harbour Pleasure and Pain (I am guessing more pain than pleasure though...)

Can't wait for the next challenge, which I think is the next Sunny Series race in two weeks. Good times!