Success with time is to be totally immersed in the moment.” The Rebbe Rashab.

“ …we need to serve and worship - in this place and at this time with whatever abilities and powers we have at our disposal, using our thoughts, speech and action in the manner of an “internally centered person” who is totally and completely immersed in what he is doing now at this moment. He doesn’t think at this moment, about anything else but what he is now involved in... This is how one transforms the present moment (totally and completely, when saturating it in all ways with Holiness) into – a holy moment, a connected moment with G-d himself….”

This principle rule, that where the mind is, that is where the person really is, is especially powerful and true when it comes to visualizing in the minds’ eye.

We already established the very close and strong connection between the mind and the soul, how thoughts are connected to the infinite spark of G-d inside ourselves and it is for that reason that there are no boundaries of time and space in a person’s mind. Thoughts have many of the qualities of the soul. That is why a person, in his mind, can see himself in the past or even in the future. In a person’s mind, he is higher than the limitations of past, present and future.

In a person’s mind, one can re-experience an incident from the past and go through all the same physical occurrences he had when he went through it the first time.

It has been established that a person can actually salivate when thinking about eating a bitter lemon rind.

Good memories, especially those that are spiritual, can enlighten one’s brain and warm up one’s heart. When a person relives a spiritual G-dly experience, for example such as an encounter he had with a G-dly person, this will place him in an elevated disposition, just like he had the first time and this will affect his body accordingly.

The same goes for a person who places his imagination and thoughts with negative and harmful memories, at this point we don’t have to spell out how this is tremendously destructive to the soul and to the body. In the same way the positive memories will uplift and strengthen the person psychologically and physically, the negative will pull down and destroy the person.

For a person to avoid a conflicted life and live a harmonious life in a peaceful existence, this is THE GREAT SECRET.

Wherever a person is, he should be in truth – not half way – appearing like he is there but mentally he is somewhere else and away from what his actions are reflecting.

When a person is physically in one place and in his mind he is someplace else, it is “one of the mouth and one of the heart,” and it is untruthful and unwholesome. It is a lie to the person himself. No one can live with a pretender, not even the person who pretends to himself.