A great response to "Your camera takes such great pictures!"

Interesting blog post by a fellow photographer...here. I've had the occasional "I've got the same camera that you have, why don't my pictures look like yours?" or "You just hold the camera and push the button, why would I pay for that?" I'm not professing to be a pro or to know more about anything than anyone else, there's a lot I don't know about cameras, but I love taking pictures and I hope it shows in my work.

I'm really bummed. My far away friend, Jenn is getting married in Aug. and she asked me to shoot the wedding. I'm so touched that she would ask me and I'm so po'd that it's the same weekend as the Anime Convention. I love going to the convention, it's a feast for the eyes, both a good and bad meal. But I love weddings too. And I'm so happy for Jenn! I need a time machine!
Sunday was the grand opening of the Mountain Bike Skills park and we took Linus and my busted elbow dad down to check it out. The really neat part is that is really close to us. The sad part, Kerry and dad are too cautious (scared) to ride it.