Sign of the times...

There comes a point in every lady's life where there's a fundamental shift, a sea change if you will, a moment of true transformation. No worries, it's not a traumatic happening, but it can change one's whole outlook. It's the moment a young lady makes the transition from (possibly) grungy college student to aspiring young were worried there for a minute, weren't you?

Not that I'm the most fashion forward, but I am proud to say that my college years were not spent in sweatpants and stereotypical, free t-shirts endorsing my place of higher education. I'm a firm believer in the power of the denim. Though my wardrobe was nothing high-end or too planned out, it's amazing how much better I seemed to feel when I was dressed and primped to my specifications. I never understood how individuals could just roll into class in what they slept in, and actually be motivated to work and learn. I'm not knocking it, it's just not my style. However, how hard is it to put some pants on? Seriously...

While I could go on and on about college fashion faux pas, I want to address one of the most important things about post-college life; the grown-up tune-up, in terms of clothing. Much like when I graduated high school, I feel my fashion sense matured when I went to college. Gone were the days of the snarky, script t-shirts of the early 2000s, and the too low lowrider jeans went with them...THANK GOD. I opted for jeans that actually fit my body type, and shirts that fit well and did not necessarily have my favorite double entendre on it. As my college career rolled on, I evolved with my clothing, just like everyone does. I found my aesthetic, and also cuts and fabrics that complimented me.

My senior year as well as my immediate post-grad life found me working at a series of internships and jobs. Thus, I turned to a source that could at least help me get on track with how a working adult should dress: my mother. I come from a family of working women, therefore I have come to respect the working women's wardrobe. It's a fine line for women in the workplace when it comes to dress. Obviously, one must be mindful of her position, age, line of work, and body type to be taken seriously while dressing in the working world, and especially in the adult world. Working attire has also changed significantly over the years. Gone are the pantyhose and propriety of the 50s and 60s, as well the power suits of the 80s. However, in a world that is increasingly more casual in dress, it's important to bear in mind that a place of work is still a place of work. But how does a young, wanna-be professional lady, dress the part while still looking, well...young?

The first step in my transformation consisted of my mother telling me to strictly shop in the women's section. As hard as it was for me to relinquish what was left of my youth, she was right. I found things fit me better, and that I felt like I could be taken more seriously. I also was mindful that I wanted to look my age, but not frumpy. I felt much more put together, and comfortable, without being "too comfortable." A personal favorite of mine, and a great go-to label for any occasion is International Concepts (INC). The line is typically found at Macy's, and pretty decently priced. I have been shopping in INC heavily since I started working full-time. I really appreciate all the tiny details they incorporate onto a lot of their tops and their dresses are brilliant. I will admit some of their items need a little TLC, given many of their garments are made out of a mixture of synthetic fibers included the dreaded rayon. But usually a little spin on the gentle cycle, hand washing, or a quick trip to the cleaners works just fine. Overall, I think the cuts of the garments work really well on most body types. Being a curvy lady that also wears petites, I appreciate garments that accentuate my figure, but don't overexpose it. I also love that many items of the collection can easily take you from the office to downtown seamlessly. Overall, I always feel put together in INC. Check Spelling

I was going to go picture crazy on this one, but I've decided to share the link off of Macy's site so you can even check out INC's shoes as well. Please note the new color palettes they're using this season. They made me incredibly happy this weekend! Also, if you're in the Atlanta area, I suggest the Macy's at North Point or Lenox Square Mall.

Now, go put your "Big Girl" pants on....they look better anyway.