Deals & Steals

While I love to pine over designer clothes and pricey cosmetics (Chanel nail polish anyone?), I also am a bit of a bargain hunter. A great bargain to me is not only about price, but about getting something of amazing quality at an amazing discount. So here are some of my favorite deals and steals on quality products that will keep you looking great and your wallet full.
EcoTools 5 Piece Brush Set -  Approximately $12.00 at Wal-Mart, Target, or
This set of brushes rivals many high-end brand brushes in construction and quality, for a mere fraction of the price. Also, these brushes are made out of super-soft synthetic fibers which makes them cruelty-free! I've loved them since I've gotten my set this summer and am glad I finally upgraded to using nicer brushes. Having a good set of brushes makes make-up application much easier. 

Mario Badescu Customized Skin Sampler - Free at Mario Badescu Online
Mario Badescu's skin care products are renown for being effective and using natural ingredients. Personally I am a huge fan of their Calma Mask which helps even my complexion while deep cleaning my pores. If you fill out the survey at the link and within a few weeks Mario Badescu will send you a complimentary set of sample products customized to your skincare needs for free. Few things are better than free high-end skin care samples! However, be sure to use an email address in your survey that you use for advertisements as Mario Badescu will be emailing you quite regularly.

 The Perfumed Court Fragrance Decants - Prices Vary 
I'm kind of a perfume addict and this website allows you to sample an extraordinary range of fragrances from some of the greatest perfume houses at a tiny fraction of the price. Whether it be that you want to try a fragrance or know that the smallest sized bottle of a fragrance is far too big or too expensive, the Perfumed Court gives you access to amazing fragrances at a spectacular price. The website is also well organized and sampler sets exist if you have a special interest in say Violette fragrances or classic French perfumeries. Each decant comes in a wide range of sizes so you don't need to worry about buying too much, especially if you are experimenting with harder to find fragrances. I'm definitely looking forward to being able to sample Tom Ford, Comme des Garçons and Creed fragrances.

Rue La La Sample Sales - Prices Vary
Online sample sales are a great way to save money, but sample sales become even better when they are final sales, Tomorrow at 11 am EST Rue La La will have part one of their online sample sale which will undoubtedly feature some absolute steals on great designers. Prior sales have featured names like Prada, Dior, Balenciaga, and Valentino as well as contemporary designers like Theory, Ella Moss, and Betsey Johnson. I'm hoping to get some dresses, but the sale will  feature lots of clothing and other accessories like watches, jewelry, and handbags so there will be something for everyone. Rue La La is invite only, so if you aren't a member use the link above to join!