Book Review: Flair

I was lucky enough last week to win a copy of Joe Nye's Flair from a contest Marsha had on her wonderful blog Splenderosa. This is the first time since I was 4 years old that I've won anything, 
and I must say it was worth the wait!
 Flair is all about how to entertain fabulously, from the invitations to the napkins to the flowers on the table. The photography in the book is great and the advice keeps style in mind while also being practical.

 Joe Nye loves the use of silver in table settings, I must say I like the look a lot myself!

 I'm always going to enjoy any book that has lots of pictures of flowers!

The book also has lots of examples of really unique and interesting table setting ideas.
I appreciated how Nye broke down how to create different moods and themes
through table settings that create an overall ambiance for a party.

I also liked that Nye's section on invitations. I really hate that letter writing
and paper invitations are only used for the most formal events these days.
I particularly liked this invitation for a book publication party.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and am so grateful for Marsha for having such a fabulous contest! Definitely check out Flair for inspiration for your next great soiree.