Jogja basah. di atas becak.

This is my first time visiting one of the beautiful towns which contains a high historical & art value of Indonesia (with artsy & friendly ppl all around-- lovely) and I could say this might be one of my favorite place in Indonesia, Jogjakarta. If you're looking for somewhere artistic, ethnic, and vintage, this is the right place. I took some random pictures in my trip... hope they could bring you a whit of Jogja's atmosphere. :)

+) i've inserted some of wikipedia links of the interesting places & words here, if you want to know more, just simply click the words :)

A long wall behind me is a relief of Keraton Jogja. Its like a fretwork / sculpture ancient people made on the wall long time ago, and it tells so much about the royal, the battle, and other interesting history of Jogja. I'm wondering how they could made this, they must be cool and super artsy aren't they? :) wait till you see this mega Lego puzzle in the real version, made a thousand years ago:

you'll found this marvelous temple at Magelang, not too far from Jogja.
It's like a HUGE puzzle of kallizion super artsy relief stones!

Super cool fact: this great temple built WITHOUT using cement / any concrete, they arranged the stones one-by-one and made it so somehow the stones locked one another, just LITERALLY like a Lego puzzle. :D Borobudur made of more than 2000 reliefs panels, which each panels told a different story of the ancients life. It's just somehow magical, a bit scary, and impossible how they could built this in 9th century. no wonder UNESCO listed Borobudur as World Heritage Site. Ubercool.

A part of the wall in Borobudur :)

Other thing that makes me so proud, they're care so much to conserve Indonesian traditional arts. They held some kinda theater act like Wayang Orang (left above is the antagonist / evil character of the drama. Scary, eh? :D) & Gamelan music everyday. :)

..and I learned to make pottery there. Yayness! :D

Oh, last thing, I got this vintage carving leather pouch at Borobudur, yeay ♥ :D

I still got sooo many pictures that if I upload them here, the post would be too long, so since now im gonna post the rest of the photos on my Flickr. Click click!

...visit Indonesia. :)