So, the bazaar yesterday was A BLAST! It supposed to start at 4 PM, but at 3 PM the booths are all loaded with bunches of stylish peeps :) at first I was not expecting the crowd is gonna be so huge and got me soo busy that I really don't have a minute just to have a drink, or to take some photos, not even ONLY to grab my phone and tweet! well, you can imagine as I'm a hyper-tweet person, the crowd is crazy.... I had to take the photos before and after the mayhem :)) you gals rock! :D

my booth

my booth, before the bazaar :)

busyyy :))
busyyy :)

Kak Heidy from Fashion Maverick :)

retail therapy booth
Retail Therapy's booth

Michelle's booth... the yellow bag is now mine yay :))

Mikha! such a really loooong time :))

Michelle Koesnadi ;) finally met her for the first time after chatting thru blog, haha!

and let me post some photos from the other bloggers who attend this yard sale yesterday:

from here, here, & here, check check! :)

Bold and Beautiful, Batik.
This photo's taken candid by MICHELLE from Glister Blister.
Super lovely! *you have a sense of Jak and Jill, hihi :)*
I picked this Batik for it's very vibrant colors & motives.
Bold and beautiful :)

and yes, yesterday was so crowded so I don't have time to see & shop at Diana, Bethanny, Heidy, and Michelle's booth :( when the bazaar's over, the stuffs are all sold out, leaving no trace. Haha. But we had sooo much fun! THANKS A LOT for all of YOU who came yesterday! Thank youu Nadia, Titin, Gilvina, Gen, kak Linda, Bella, mas Rangga, kak Trisca, kak Rahne, kak Rini, and Mikha, for coming over and shop. And SURELY, thanks to Kak Diana, fX & Girlfriend for make all these happens, thanks Michelle, Bethanny & kak Heidy. So glad! :D

I feel sorry for some of you who can't come, or live outside Jakarta. :( You might missed all of the discount price and the fun mayhem yesterday, but you could still GET THE STUFFS by shopping here: Facebook. YAY! Don't forget to join, so we can send you message anytime we held bazaar / other cool fashion events too. :)


Anyway, just had a photo shoot for Gazelle Rockshop: YeahRight. Here's one of em :)

and check out their newest band merch, CEMETERY DANCE CLUB x Yeah Right:

..It's an indie dead metal / trance band. My brother plays the synthesizer.
Yea, you REALLY should check out their myspace & site too. Cool band :) Xx