Eep to the scale of massive!

I dropped my iPhone while buying some communal red frogs to disperse amongst my hungry, hypoglycemic, sugar-craved colleagues on Saturday.

So the screen went white...and didn't come back to life. Though I am pretty sure it's just in some coma and not completely brain-dead as I did have a few message beeps.

No big loss really, I was waiting for the occasion when I mucked it up and dropped it in the toilet/swamp/river/microwave etc. However, despite me being largely 'non-fussed' about my iPhone, I am now living the reality of using a plastic piece of sh*t Samsung for a phone, whose clicky-wheel doo-dad doesn't work, and every time a button is hit it seems to yelp in differing tones.

Furthermore, it's only today, when planning some long solo kiloburgers that I realise that I now have no iPod!*

Epic fail. I scrummaged around the house for some old technology I could use. I found about four iPods. It's a worry. However, the only one that was responsive was also the one that would hold about 4-songs.

Yep, the 1Gb shuffle (larger than actual size).

Requires frequent song rotation to avoid beat-fatigue.

*The controversy of riding with music will be explored further in another post. Or it may not. We'll see how productive study week/holidays becomes.