Le Soleil.

"Keep your sunglasses, do hide my face.
My eyes will tell the tale.
I’ll take it back down when we were young..."

Centro blue chiffon dress, Centro black mary-jane pumps, thrifted red blazer

A few weeks ago I shop at Centro and got a bunch of gooood stuffs.
It have been a hectic month so sorry I just post it now. Look what I got:

I found this bold mary-jane pumps (semi platform, i think).
I've wanted this for a long time, so I bought two of em.
They both come in classy colors, black & vintage brown. LUCKY ME.

dashing shoes. I love. :)

And... I'm not exactly a make-up lover (and I hate lipbalm or anything sticks to my lips,
yea i'm such a primitive -_-), but I found Revlon booth at Centro and I cant help to buy these lipsticks
with nude colors and it's matte so it feels like im not wearing any. Hehee :p

I bought the body shop's compact powder too for daily use. :)

And last but not least, I registered for Centro member,
they give advantages such as discounts, points & other promotions. Yay! Thanks Centro. :)

++ Most played song this week: Le Soleil - The Filthy Youth. Ed's voice is doughty as hell :p