21st Century Phones

My new toy.
It's pink but it has a black protective colour so you really can't tell that it's pink. Now Kerry can use it, but he doesn't have to because, drum roll please... He has his own phone too. With his own phone number.
We've always just had a basic phone. For emergencies like calling home to ask what is on the grocery list, or to find out when someone is coming home. So that's what Kerry has now, a basic phone. And I have this one that needs a 894 page instruction manual to tell you how to answer it. Might just be me.  Now I can text (which I've done with Dad and Shaun), instant message, get messages, and access the internet. It's way more than I need. But I have to tell you that even though my scrap room is off the computer room, I'm pretty stoked about having the phone right beside me so I can see whatever it is that I'm looking at on the internet. And I can facebook while standing in line at the grocery store. That is what everyone needs!

Update: Our 8 month old iMac kicked the bucket today. I am not a happy camper.

Thanks to Michelle for helping me pick out phones!  If you need help in the camera/phone department, go see her at London Drugs.