Across the Universe

Over the past 3 months, I have begun reading All Lacquered Up, a great nail polish blog. Back at the beginning of July, she featured Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe and Bad Romance. Both colors are amazing, but yesterday I took the plunge and bought Across the Universe.

This is truly a gorgeous glitter. It is semi sheer, but not. It has a navy base, and when layered over itself, you can still see the glitter in the layers before it. It is also navy but not so dark that it looks black, this is true blue. It is also fairly simple to apply, unlike most glitters. I am sorry I am not providing a swatch, but my nails are camera shy, aka terrible looking. You can hop over to All Lacquered Up here, to see Michelle's swatches.

Also, if you want to pick up Bad Romance or Across the Universe, Nordstrom no longer has them listed online, but I walked into one of the stores here in Atlanta and was able to find it with no problems. They are available for order from Deborah Lippmann's website here.