Behind the Blog: Laura

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getting ready for the "libertarian nerd nirvana" wedding of the century...

It's been quite a while since Rococo and Caffeine first did a post on ourselves, so I thought I'd revisit the series, once again using The Pink and Blue Blog's 20 blogger questions.

1. Blogging since...

January 2009.

2. Was there any event, incident or anecdote in your life that pushed you to start blogging?
I am a person of lists and opinions. Back in December 2008, while working on law school applications, I decided that it was entirely necessary for me to share my thoughts and stuff I like with the world. Michelle and I were constantly chatting on Facebook during this process, and Rococo and Caffeine was the result, springing from our heads fully formed comme Athena. Well, not really. R&C has really come a long way from the inaugural post.

3. Did you follow any blog before creating yours?

I sometimes looked at my friend Caitlin's blog, East by South, and Postmodern Conservative (thumos, philosophy, literature, and Catholicism, all in one tidy website).

4. Do your family and friends know about your blog?

I know my mom looks at it, as do some of my friends on Facebook (no doubt because of my shameless advertising).

5. Favorite time of the day to write posts?
When I should be doing something else. Procrastination is also the only thing making sure I clean my room.

6. Longest hiatus between posts?
I think I've gone a month or so.

7. Have you set any goal about your blog? Anything you want to achieve with it?
I'm not sure that I have any real goal per se, but as long as other people agree with me in regards to Gossip Girl, etc., I will be happy.

8. Do you believe it has some kind of social function?
I think blogging in general is helping to transform the information economy, which is pretty cool.

9. What would put an end to your blog?

If I had to give up for a job. For example, employees of the U.S. Tax Court can't engage in certain political activities. Not saying that R & C is in violation of legal policies or anything like that, but if I were to be legal counsel for a job, I might not be allowed to link my name with certain content.

10. Do you have or consider having more than one blog?

I have a personal blog, "Pareto Scoffs at Me" (originally entitled "Prep Judicata," but that's a really dorky name, so I ditched it as soon as I came up with something marginally better). If you want to read my blathering about law and economics or my frustration with ridiculousness in general, it might please you.

11. You follow more a) personal blogs, b) news blogs, c) thematic blogs.

It's a toss up between A and C.

12. You tell yourself you need to a) "post/comment less", b) "post/comment more", c) "post less, comment more", d) "post more, comment less".

B for sure. I never have time to blog, and I'm terrible about commenting on other people's work.

13. Have you ever stepped back and delete things after posting?

Editing will be the death of me. Blogger tends to mess up, at least on my computer, so it can take a couple of tries for something to come out right.

14. Have you refused to publish any comment? Why?

Nope. Everyone who comments on R & C is really nice.

15. Has Twitter changed anything about your blogging habits?Not really. But it's a good way for people to advertise their posts so I remember to read them.

16. Has Facebook changed anything about your blogging habits?

Since a number of my Facebook friends read the blog, I try to keep them in mind when I'm coming up with topics.

17. Do you ever wonder if you're disclosing too many personal details?
I'm sure there's some stalker out there who can pinpoint my exact location and personal history using the details I've mentioned in passing. But other than that, not really.

18. Do you feel like a blog star?
Hahahah, absolutely not. Though my econ prof did check out R & C yesterday.

19. Do you conceive blogging without the help of Google Images or Youtube?
No, considering most of my posts involve some sort of Youtube video.

20. Have you lied in this questionnaire?
Yes. My name is actually Jimmy Himmelfarb, and I'm a forty-one year old mustachioed video rental clerk in Topeka.