Things learned about multi-sport events...

Having raced the 'Enduro course of the Tre-x yesterday at Kurwongbah...I made so many enlightening observations that I thought I should share them with you. like it or not!

• Everyone may rock the lock-laces, but jury's out as to wether they actually save time in transition
• Commissaire's act the same in all sports
• Swimming is very hard to do if all you want is some good clean air!
• Checking if you have cut up your feet while scrambling from the water back to your bike by putting your cycling shoes on, then taking them of again to look at your feet, and then having to put them on again to start the bike leg is a sure-fire waste of time...even if it seems like the right thing to do at the time
• Running is best avoided in all circumstances
• Cycling is the best sport to undertake, but perhaps not when sandwiched between swimming and running
• If you find yourself in this unlikely 'sandwiched' position, be sure to avoid trees, rocks and wildlife when you head out on the bike leg fresh from a lap of a dam filled with pondweed—swimming the the tool of the devil and leads to hypoxia and ALOC (altered level of consciousness) when heading out on the MTB leg (though you may have the power, there is also an overwhelming feeling of drunkenness...for at least a lap)
• If you are racing and you are under ten, the cheering and support for your effort—no matter how feeble and pathetic—will be unsurpassable. If you're 25 and racing open women with a look of disdain as you cross the finish line, people just stare
• Racing in a multi-sport event actually gives every competitor, despite age and shape, the god-given right to rock out in a skin-tight trisuit or bathers

Everyone feels they have a right to wear a tri-outfit. Exhibit a. Despicable! No socks, gloves or sleeves. Eeew. Give me a chamois and jersey anyday.
The staring, obviously a 10+ competitor. Just get me over the line so I can lie down and/or barf. Definite look of nonplussed-ness.

Despite my non-plussedness, I did like the challenge of once again racing something 'new'. I ended up third to some multi-sporting old hats, but smashed the bike leg. Well, except for losing time on the second one checking my feet for lacerations (because that's going to do me a whole heap of good?) and rolling my ankle in the last run...which didn't really slow me down too much. As mentioned—not much of a runner now! Mind you, I did manage sub-five minute km's on the offroad course, which is a lot better than last time. 

Anyway, that concludes all multisporting adventures on my part. 

I have resigned, at least for a while!