Australia Day Neebzles

For the past few years Australia Day has had me hanging out in Adelaide waiting nervously for my race at MTBA XC Nationals. Not so this year, with that race pushed back a month, I have been hanging out in Brisvegas. And what better to do in Brisvegas than  ride up Mt Nebo/Glorious with about 1000 other passionate cyclists of all types and abilities?

I missed the early crew, somewhat regretfully, with my solo crusade up the mountain beginning at about 7am in optimal weather conditions (ie: beautiful and awesome!).

A sneakily sub-50min effort to Nebo (wet with sweat and a wee bit dizzy at the top), I ran into John P of Epic Cycles fame. As I am on prac at the moment, and I didn't get up early enough to get up to Glorious with the boys, I turned around with a few friendly Epic faces for a cruise down the hill. The 'cruisy' bit lasted about 5 minutes, as we turned up to tempo pace.

When some bloke in a lime green kit advertising an allergy drug came around our wee bunch, then sat up, slowed down and held us up, John and I turned up the pace and launched the rest of the descent in the dog, smashing it (and each other!) down the hill. It was a gleeful pain, and one you really have to want to inflict upon yourself, but awesome fun nonetheless.

Followed by a coffee, and a day of patient transfers and drunkenness on least the day started well! Nothing like a ride and beautiful weather to put a smile on your dial.