Makeup Review Monday: Book of Shadows III

Urban Decay and I have had a friendship that dates back to 2003. I used to wear Kiss eye shadow all through high school and I still think it is a fantastic color. I have three eye shadow pallettes and I have found that UD's pallettes rarely disappoint!

For Christmas this year, my mom gave me the third book of shadows! The UD Hearts NYC pallette is a great one! I have to be honest, I was a little let down by the Alice in Wonderland pallette because the colors were not fresh, but mostly old colors that had been renamed for the pallette.

That being said, book of shadows 3 is much better! It includes seven new shades and seven old favorites as well as two Sephora exclusive colors! If you were holding out on purchasing Psychedelic Sister or Haight, they're both in this pallette! I am really liking the new shades. The two I am most excited about are Rockstar and Bordello. I love not-quite-neutral colors and bordello fits the bill! It looks dark, but applies dry as brownish-pink. Some of the old favorites I am excited to see are Smog, Maui Wowie, and Snatch. One color that this pallet is lacking? A non glittery highlight color. I have always used Sin as my go to UD highlight but nothing like it is in this pallet. The light colors, Uzi and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, are just too glittery for a highlight.

As far as the formula of the shadows, they are all very good and smooth. I have had a few UD shadows that are grainy, such as Godess and Crash. Both very dark and rather glittery. I am not sure if it was the color or just a bad batch, but I do not see any of those issues with these colors.

This pallette also includes my number one, all time favorite product, a mini Primer Potion and two eye liners, Zero and Ransom. Zero is a great super pigmented black and Ransom is a pigmented, metallic purple. I was really excited to see a purple liner in this one. I am pretty much the spokeswoman for purple, and the biggest fan of MAC's Bordeauxline ever. So a new purple liner in my life? Yes please!

Overall this is a really solid pallette and restores my faith in UD's pallette combinations. If you were itching to get some new colors and old favorites, this is a good choice, especially if you were not willing to take the $17 plunge for one of the Sephora exclusive colors. The pallette retails for $54 which is kind of steep, but when you divide it out, it works out to be less than $3 a color, not including the liners and primer. With the price of single pans rising, its a worthy investment. My only complaint is that it is not the everything pallette it could be. Missing that highlight color is a big deal to me because when I am packing to go somewhere, I have to grab one more thing.

What are your thoughts? I am sorry I did not have time to swatch the colors before I shared this with you all!