Makeup Review Monday: Nails! Nails! Nails!

I am SO excited to share this weeks reviews. Yes reviews. I was having trouble deciding what to review this week because I have THREE products that have peaked my interest in one way or another and they all relate to your tips. So, I decided to talk about them all at once.

First Up! Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas. I, like many out there, really love OPI's You Don't Know Jacques! However, sometimes it was too dark or too brown for my tastes. I first saw Waking Up In Vegas on the hands of Gaga and I won't lie, my love for her is what initially drew me in. My love for gray neutrals is what drew me in further. I really like this color. I would not say I love it but it is definitely now in my go to color line up. It is a true gray, not too brown, not too blue, just true. Major bonus: Two coats give you a solid finish! Available at

Second: Seche Vite! I have read about this top coat numerous times. I have even been caught talking about OPI's RapiDry top coat. I went to Ulta on Friday and broke down and bought Seche Vite and Seche Rebuild base. I LOVE them both. I could go on for about an hour about how much better this top coat is for hours, but I will spare you. The high lights include: Super clear, super easy to distribute over the nail, long lasting, and the best part - SUPER fast drying. Most quick dry topcoats dry the top layer in a few seconds, the second layer in 5 minutes, and anything lower than that, two hours. My nails were dry and HARD withing moments. As someone who is notorious for painting her nails then falling asleep on the couch and destroying them, this is a life saver. I can say that with confidence because I fell asleep on the couch about 30 minutes after I used it and I still had pretty nails the next day! Also, I am not sure how long this sale will be lasting, but I found all of the Seche products on sale at my local Ulta! Most were $4.99 a bottle and up!

Moving On! This product is not so exciting. OPI's Bring on the Bling from the burlesque collection is a lovely glitter party. I received it in a set from a friend for Christmas. I really like the ridiculous amount of gold glitter and the hint of pink and green scattered through out in this polish. What I don't like is that every time I wear it, the majority of it has chipped off by lunch time. I have tried wearing it alone three times, each time using a base coat, three coats of the polish to make it an opaque glitter, and two top coats. I will admit, it is mighty thick, but anything less leaves either a slightly sheer finish or a lumpy texture. I want so badly to like this polish, to sing its praises, but its just too chippy for me to do so. I think a single layer over another color, this would be really great, but alone, not so much. I am hoping the upcoming release of the Katy Perry glitter polishes do not have the same fate because I am really interested in Teenage Dream!

Have you had the chance to try any of these products? Did you have the same feelings?