Misery and Company - Jennifer Baljko

Her blue hair sizzled in the moonlight. Silver streaks of midnight slithered around her feet. Her eyes squinted to catch a glimpse of the man riding horseback. They were supposed to keep company that very night. But Misery didn't have any intention of letting the knife slip. Smeared in the thick oozing blood, Jomarea's pointy mustache shimmered with deception. The old willow tree slumped over the icy pond began crying a river of golden tears. She called to Misery with the pain of 1000 years shaking her roots. Misery wanted to crawl to her, but TLuz, the two-headed fish from her dream, warned her not to go there. Misery had other work to do, work for Matthias, and there was no going back. Matthias knew Misery's evil and counted on her twisted heart to plunge onward.