More Love for Lippmann

[image via Deborah Lippmann]
Taylor was generous to gift me Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday for my special day. Happy Birthday, hands down, is a glitter spectacular for your nails. Simply put, the polish is lots and lots of glitter suspensed in a clear base. While the color itself can look like the rainbow craft glitter from childhood art projects, the glitter pieces are actually a really nice mix of larger hexagonal pieces and smaller rectangular ones. Application was pretty straight forward, sometimes I found a diagonal stroke across my nails helped apply the glitter a bit more evenly. However, compared to other glittery nail polishes, this one was easy to apply and most of the glitter pieces apply flat. I've been wearing it for three days now and I haven't noticed any major points of wear, even without using a base or top coat. A top coat, however, would be nice to even out the texture of the polish on the nail.
This is what the polish looked like after three coats, pretty sparkly! I also must say since Chanel raised their prices on nail polish ($25 for collection colors, $27 for limited editions) and the quality of some of their newer shades hasn't been the greatest, I think Lippmann is in prime position to become my new favorite high-end nail polish brand. With prices ranging from $16 to $20, less competition to get limited edition shades and more product per package, I think Lippmann is worth the investment if you like glitter. I certainly do!