Love - Kate Bueler

Love. The longest and greatest journey is 18 inches from your mind to your heart. As I lean down to bow, my hands upon my third eye, now sandwiched between my head and the ground. Connection of the mind and heart. Is love. Is going at this world with both the armor of the mind, the action of the brain but the heart feeler of more than one and warming you to do more than stand alone.

Love. Lasting or temporary seems to find a permanent home in both our mind and heart. In our thoughts and words and memories and the feelings from the aftermath of love lost and found. I can't help but think I might have been wrong about love. I thought love could solve all things the couple relationship love. I believed in the fairy tale and disneyfied and hallmarked holidays that love will conquer all. But it isn't just one type of love that can do that. It is just purely love. Love for family, friends, for neighbor, for stranger. The more you can travel between the heart and mind and create a frequent flier program you will love more and be loved so much that you find a smile upon your face as you stroll. Home.

It is not a rose colored existence but a human existence not pushed and conformed into me only me. Think of only me. But us. My last experience with love. Was with a room full of strangers. Scratch that many strangers. Some colleagues. But mostly people I had never met before. We all came together in this lecture hall. To stand up. Together. In unison. For others. For ourselves. In this world. We forget, how easily we forget how important this truly is. And as I feet pushes against the ground of this linoleum with my fellow standers. And listen. I am moved not by just the words of trying to find solution and stories of how this program to be forgotten changed a life. I am moved for the greatest journey is happening before my eyes as it happens inside of me.

Connecting the mind and heart. To stand up and say. No. Please listen. In different tones. In different pitches. In different colors. I feel my heart beat and rattle against my ribs and chest. Traveling up to my mind as I raise my hand. I just hope. The words are coming. From the right place. That the two my heart and mind can come together for this moment. Words are now coming out of mouth into ears and skins and minds and hearts of others. The greatest journey of all might be the connecting of your heart with others. The distance is far and great but the journey. The journey. My journey with love. Has surprises along the way.