Mr Third Step

Despite my lacklustre ride at National Champs, Aiden had a ripper, proving once again that he is the fastest bloke on a mountain bike that works a forty-hour working week...and then comes home and runs our own business as well!

It's all focus at the start of the elite men's race.
From the start a searing pace was set in the Elite men's race, with JBlood setting the tempo as fast and furious, in true Blood form.

Drapac's Flash Norriavo, looking quite pleased with himself after tousling with
Chris Jongewaardd (aka: JBlood) for second.

The boys had a testing seven laps to race in the blistering 35 degree heat, and there were casualties galore. DNF's left right and centre, there were injuries and mechanicals and flats in numbers unparralelled to any other course I have seen!

The race strung out and it was Blood, followed by Drapac's Lachie Norriavo, then Sid Taberlay followed by Aido. In true Sid style, he flatted, and Aido stepped into third, where he managed to stay.

This is Aido's best result in Elite at a MTBA National Championships race, and pretty impressive at that, a minute up on Andy Blair in fourth, followed by Shaun Lewis (the not real one).

Glenn, Cyclinic's other race team member, ended up in about 13th.

Good work guys!

L-R: Andrew Blair (5th), Lachlan Norris (2nd), Chris Jongewaard (1st), Aiden Lefmann (3rd)
and shaun Lewis (5th). Good Work guys!