Trying It On For Size - Christa Fairfield

She stretched her aching body across the bed. Her head ached as it did everyday. She squinted to read the digital alarm clock that rested on her husband’s bed table- 11:30. No wonder the rays that slide passed the edges of the pulled shade burned her eyes. She would not make it to San Leandro today. How was she going to keep this job?

She would clean the house. It needed it. She had expected the girls would help out more with the demands of the house when she got the job. They did a bit but it just was not at the level she put it into it. She would make a nice dinner something that could be served if Larry got home at six-thirty or eight. It was tough trying to prepare meals without a known serving time.

Her hand skimmed the sheets seeking her baby doll nighty that she had taken off sometime in the night as she regularly did. It made the girls crazy that she slept naked. She didn’t understand it. They all had the same parts. The skimp of cotton slipped over her head. Then her feet slipped to the floor. The elevation of her body shot a pulse of blood through her head that her brain barely registered. It did not register as an abnormal occurrence.