Ride, fix flat, ride, coffee, ride, ride...

This is a post for Matt, only due to the fact that he is rapidly approaching his day of birth for 2011.

Went for a cruise this morning, I wanted to do a huge ride but my lingering mucous-face meant that I was leaving a snot-spiderweb trailing from my face onto whoever was riding behind me (very non-delightful). So Aidos and I went for a bunya cruise and met Matt, hit some singletrack up, went over to Ironbark, rode some singletrack.

Hammered down ballbreaker (my favourite track) and Matt somehow flatted, the hubbard. He then proceeded to try and put a 26" tube in his Niner, which was cactus. we used up four canisters by the time he ripped that tube out and used my appropriately-sized 29" tube. Sensible me.

A true hubbard-L Ron Hubbard. This is what people with no bike skills,
or those that wear neon lycra and have helmet mirrors look like.
 We were on a wide fireroad, and Aido had layed his bike down to assist, and up rode a group of riders. as it was a wide fireroad, nine out of the ten riders rode around us as we said 'hi!'. Except this one fellow, that reminded me of a rude customer that clicks his fingers to gain the attention of a waiter. This fellow looked at me, looked at the bike, and with a snarl of disdain motioned sideways with his had for us to get the bike out of the way.

Not sure about you, but considering the speed of sub 10km/hr those guys were going, I would have probably just ridden around. But it was pretty funny all in all. MTB attitude 101.

Such a non-event, and not really blog-worthy....but just the act of writing a blog means you can write about uneventful drivel, dose it not? The coffee that we had at Samford post-tube incident, and the ride up the Scout Hut-Bygott's road berg to Ironbark then back to Bunya was definitely worth a mention.

Even if the 14kg demo bike is really sub-optimal at this stage. Who knows, maybe i'll be super speedy up the climbs on my new 2x10, sub-10keg beast?

Just need to sort out those corners...

Meanwhile, Willow Koerber, USA MTB machine, is out for the rest of the year with a fast-growing baby tumor. Sure does defeat the myth about copious amounts of exercise being an effective contraceptive. Wonder how London is looking for Willow with a due date in December??