Cheers, Cars, Crying, and Creating

A very shy, but possibly proud kid was the only grade 9 kid receiving an award for Academics in Art. Very sweet moment for us. She let me take a picture, her choice of spots, in front of the trash bins, in full sun at her school. I think I did pretty decent at making do with what I had.
 After the ceremony, she got to go back to hanging out with these two. And again, making do with what I had. Or maybe it's a bit of "Can't have my cake and eat it too." I learned that in a little class by Karen Russell. I got the group shot, with the friends, sort of everyone looking at the camera. I also got the sun flare, which I love, I really do. But I got half the Future Shop sign, van mirror (I'm in the passenger seat leaning over Kerry) and the sun flare washed everything out.  But I'm okay with it. I love it.
 Dad rode his Harley down and met us in Penticton for the Beach Cruise car show. Over 800 cars, and I think we may have seen about half of them. It's so sad the amount I am learning about cars. 
 We were totally surprised to see not one, but two Subarus at the show. Kerry says people here don't show them because they are too busy driving them. I snapped quickly when I realized he was wearing his Subaru shirt.
 It was a sad day for him, he decided his very old, flannel brown plaid shirt was too worn to wear anymore. (Again, he's wearing a Subaru shirt!)
 While he has a week off, the week of the Jinky Art Retreat, we will be painting the stair case, and possibly the main room in the basement. I'm leaning towards muted. Grey. I wanted Green, like Mojito but decided it was actually quite dark for that area. I think we are going with the bottom Grey. It looks the best with the red wood hard wood, and the tile on the landing.
 I made a few cards in the last couple weeks. This one was copied and altered quite a bit from the Cricut magazine. Don't forget to get August's and October's!
 This idea came from another card magazine.
 I had to use some new goodies from the almost released 2011 Idea Book.
 And I used some hoarded Imaginesce paper I bought last summer while in Langley/Surrey. Can't pass up a paper sale!