So the past week I haven't even been riding at all. well, maybe 2 1/2 hours all up, as I have had a killer respiratory infection of some sort. Probably just a cold, but a killer cold nonetheless.

Study week is this week, and though I have definitely started, I have completed about 1/10th of what needs to be done. That's without revising! So lots to do, not too much time to do it in, but stressing isn't going to get me anywhere. Maybe I should write out a plan of some sort? Hmmm....organisation doesn't seem to be my strong point anymore!

Heading out for an actual ride today...Went to go riding yesterday afternoon at Bunya. Dropped into Creek track and 3/4 of the way down I feel some give in my left pedal. I stop to have a look and my pedal head has stripped off the axle. It was attached to my shoe and all that stick out from my bike was a long greasy spindle. Aaaaah, how annoying! Those were my new(ish) XTR's too—how does that even happen?

Anyway, equipped with my ancient XTR pedals from my pogo-stick singlespeed (which I love, but it shakes everything around a lot more than the race bike!), I am going to again attempt a Bunya ride. The weather looks somewhat dubious but I'll take that over going crazy at home pretending to study but being unable to focus due to lack of outside time.

First hospital appointment the other day. Midwife type person told me not to freak out about gaining weight, that everything was normal and fine and not excessive (though it certainly feels that way) so far and I got in trouble for my half a glass of wine every couple of weeks. Bugger her.

More pictures on Friday. Will post.