Chubby racing: Hubbarding the race bike

(Caution: this blog post bandies around the word uterus a lot. It's not graphic, but if anatomical parts give you the heebie jeebies then maybe skip 'cos uterus' are aplenty here!)

The time has come. I have had to 'hubbardify' my bikes so I don't feel like my uterus is being squished in half as I lean over to reach my bars. I haven't realised how uncomfortable it has been—probably because I haven't really had any kind of bump (this past week it's been emerging...I put it down to some forced time off bike and too much food at compulsory family events. In my defence, you have to do what you can to survive said family events and if that's eating then it's eating!). When you don't have a visible bump I think you think it's silly that you may find riding uncomfortable—after all if there's no bump then what's the problem?

Well the problem is, even with no bump, the last month my uterus has been at and now above my navel. That's pretty huge and tall even if it's not sticking out. Now my stomach muscles are complaining and if I am leaning over (as in cycling) Mayhem tends to flop to the front and poke out a bit.
This is where it's at now. Note the poorly thought out position of the bladder...

So after a nice refreshing trail ride at Nambucca's Jack's Ridge loop on Monday (note: fun 10km loop. Not technical, just swoopy point and shoot, perfect for fat ladies like me!), I knew it was time to do something. It was more the discomfort rather than being puffed that had me quitting my ride after an hour and a bit.

So...the product manager of 3T components (aka: Husband) brought home a riser bar, and we flipped up my -17degree stem to 'possify' it, and wa-la—I look like a hubbard!

Did someone say hubbard? Any more upright and I would be on a Townie!

Anyway, I should have worn bibs here—I would have a less sticky outtie tummy than jamming my pants right under it which sticks it out more! I wore them as they are size small and still fit over my bottom. WIN!

Pretending I can go around corners with such a high setup...
Anyway, it was a WIN on several counts today, as I rode for 2hr15, and could have done even more if I had water and another muesli bar. So much more comfortable—it's amazing. Can still ride the singletrack with this ridiculous setup, just have to be extra wary of washing out the front wheel!

Anyway, a good mood ensues when I can ride discomfort and pain free! So good in fact that I may just have to jog to the pool a bit later for a swimmmm! Jogging is partially as I feel GOOD today after a near miss with a cold yesterday, and partially as the scooter is broken. Anyway, that's a tale for another day!