Australia Day BBQ and riding really slowly up hills

Now, 7months plus. This is Mayhem doing her 'high' baby routine. She also has a 'low' baby routine (more like the 6 month pic) where she sticks a few inches further out but hangs a lot lower. She's multitalented.
We had an Australia Day BBQ the other day. We should have made an attempt to take some pics but alas, we didn't. There were about 15 kids out the front yard playing volleyball, badminton and the Slip 'n' Sliding, while another 45-55 adults (at the peak of the party wave!) were hanging around the back drinking beer and cider. It was a good day, if a bit overwhelming!

Still riding, in fact I almost managed a whole 6 hours on the bike last week—that's practically training (haha)! And with 3 wind trainer sessions it sure felt like it (Arrrrrggghhhh!!). Aido went for a rainy, steamy, muggy ride with me the other day, only 1hr15. Aido rode up to the top of the Ironbark climb...must have waited for an age...then rode back down to me (I was still riding up).

He's like, 'Ummm....maybe you should not ride up hills anymore...or offroad'.
Me: 'Um, why not?'.
Aido 'What's your heart rate?'.
Me: '140, tops'. (I have no HRM at the moment, mainly cos I can't be bothered and I ride to effort rather than a number. It was HR via ESP).
Aido 'liar.'.
Me: 'I'm talking to you ain't I!?'
Aido: 'Hmpf'.

Anyway, I take it pretty easy and ride mainly fireroad. It's been pretty sketchy from all the rain—very greasy trails but I just take it slow, hopefully for just under two months I can maintain this level of exercise, we'll see. It makes me happy!