Sunsilk Hair Fashion Makeover!

Today was Sunsilk Hair Fashion makeover day! I had a great time meeting up my fellow bloggers! Kak Cindy Biantoro, Clara Devi, Kak Diana Rikasari, Pupu Paula and Sizeka Yang. Lots of laughs and of course girlie chit-chats, and we had a chance to meet & style these 10 lucky winners of Sunsilk Hair Fashion contest. Here are some snapshots and behind the scene of the photoshoots...

Meet the girls I styled head to toe for today's makeover, Irene and Yoana :D Since today was a makeover day so they need to get out of their ordinary styles, and I gave them a touch of warm ambience with brown, orange, yellow & gold *my favorite colors!*

Irene wore orange chain top, gold glitter bodycon skirt, bowler hat and studded brown heels. And I asked for a simple hair-do for Irene, side bangs & volume shaggy hairstyle complete her sophisticated uptown gal look.

Yoana wore yellow velvet top, brown leather belt, gold unique pencil skirt (I love!!), and black maryjane pumps. I seriously love the gold pencil skirt I bought for Yoana, and I think it looks good on her for special occasions, especially with her up-do hair, totally vintage & classy lady look. I'm happy with the result!

I had my outfit matched with them too! I wore black & gold vintage blazer, orange flare dress, leather belt matched with leather Jeffrey Campbell wedges & black lacey socks. So we kinda have 3 different styles with the same color scheme. I shopped for the girls yesterday and these stuffs they wore from head to toe are gonna be all theirs, so yay I hope you both like what I picked! :)

Kak Diana, Kak Cindy, me, Sizeka, Pupu Paula & Clara Devi, styling for Sunsilk with different personal styles. Interesting! :)

Now let's peek what my fellow bloggers were doing with the other 8 girls! :D

a groupshot of the winners & the stylist bloggers ends the day, the photo's taken from Kak Cindy's blog. YAY! :)