Things I am excited about.

•Sleeping more than two consecutive hours. Was a wreck and nothing would put this overtired baby to sleep—I was wrecked from 3+ hours of rocking said baby overnight in addition to the feeding and changing etc. We are now trialling a bit of routine—she's sleeping in her own bed by herself (after some terrible crying protests to begin with!) so just running with the little bit more sleep I get by not rocking her at night, and hopefully she'll stretch her night feeds out soon and I won't look like the walking dead. All. The. Time.
We needed sleep, Elv seemed impervious.
•My new roadie is built. MTB is where my heart and soul is, but doing 5x MTB rides a week can get a little same-y same-y. I am excited to mix it up, regain some strength and speed and hopefully get rid of these bingo wings in time, though maybe I need some gym time for that. I went for a 2hr15min ride the other day. It was harrowing—I had to pedal the whole time! I got rained on, hunger fatted and got lost out the back of Wights Mountain (how did that even happen?) and had to ring Aido for directions home as the iFail Maps weren't working.
Exactly like this...but with 3T carbon bar and stem and tape, SRAM Red drive train, Fulcrum 3 Wheelset, Aerozine post, Specialized Toupe Saddle and Ultegra Pedals. So...nothing like this except for the colour.

•BIG SMILES. The other day I had maximum 3 hours of broken sleep the night prior. Elv had not napped at all that day. I was in all sorts of pain and then after her lunch feed she broke into all kinds of freaky-smiley. I was so happy/exhausted/emotional I think I cried. Didn't make it better long term though, i'm pretty sure everytime Elv got grizzly that afternoon I wept a little too, but alas, she slept the longest she had slept and I made peace with the whole process. This was prior to my new routine, which I hope to hades sticks because it's terribly convenient having a baby that sleeps during the day, even if we are feeding 2-3x through the night still.

•Breakfast cereal. Seriously one of my favourite things ever. I love plain old Weet-bix, muesli and All Bran, and that's what I rock in a huge F*ck off bowl with about a litre of Macro Organic Light soy (oooh sooo nutty, sooo delicious!). Call me boring but it's my favourite meal of the day. Don't pay out the All Bran. I love that stuff...I can eat it dry (nom nom!)
Yes I am very, very boring.

•Coffee. It gives me the ability to get up in the morning. I swear it's a toned down version of Ecstasy—it fills me with love and joy PLUS it's legal. Kids don't do drugs.
Oooh yeah baby!

• Not being pregnant. It's like the best thing ever, especially now that the need to joke about adopting Elva out has abated a bit. I'm drinking coffee, I'm loving it (just one espresso in the morning then several decaf's). I'm able to ride my bike hard (which is all relative, as I can go 'hard' now and i'm still creeping, but loving being able to punish myself regardless!). I'm not constantly hot, my heart rate is back to 42bpm, I can walk without shooting pain in my hoo-haa from Elva being so low for so long. I still feel a bit whale-like, but at least I don't feel like a walrus that should be house-bound.

•The first sunny series XC race has been moved back two weeks. Yay! Two more weeks to attempt to get fit. It's not gonna happen but hey, we can dream!

•The fact that this post IS Caffeine-fuelled Cyclemania—we have bikes, we have coffee (ow with added baby!)

•Napping. Gets me through. In fact i'm going to go and have one now. Bye!