I had stopped drinking coffee, only to be introduced to Wild Cherry Pepsi by Michelle and Cherry Coke is a decent substitute. We stocked up while in the States. 

 But sadly, it wasn't meant to be forever! 
I bought this super cute Bo Bunny line in Langley and we used it for scrapping class. Sometimes I make a layout and think "it doesn't get any better than this".
 Victoria and Walter sent us a box full of goodness! Girl Scouts of America have better cookie choices than our Girl Guides! 
 This is by far the favourite of the box. 
 A little shopping and refreshment break.
 I decided that I needed a desk in my scrapping room. Somewhere for me to put my works-in-progresses during classes so that I didn't always have to put them away and misplace things. We had what I think is my grandma's old desk that Shaun was using and we moved it in to my room.
 I've made it a nice little corner, complete with Ott light. 
I could play this new game I invented called "Guess What's In The Drawer?" I doubt anyone would guess 127 rolls of tape.
 Emily received an award for Beginner's Japanese 11. She taught herself Japanese from the internet and a pile of books that Auntie June lent her. She was totally bored in the class, but she got an award so it's all good.
 And here's where one of the wonders of the world is solved...I always wondered why I can't get a decent family photo. 
It runs in the family.
 I thought my eyes disappeared when I smiled because mom's Japanese, but it seems dad has the same problem. And I guess a puffy shirt made out of bandana fabric doesn't make me look thinner.
 These were taken at our Father's Day BBQ. Shaun's missing because he was sick. 
And this one's not the best, but it's my favourite. Mom looks great. Me and Dad....well, I guess now I can't give the kids grief.