Rain is distressing.

I took my own advice and had two days off the bike. It wasn't enough to have me fully healed but enough so I can function normally and not be existing only as a grumpy bitch.

Then Monday, I did a recovery toodle on the mountain bike, still feeling very second-hand.

Tuesday the heavens opened up and it's been raining since.

Sometimes I think the gods are working against me. I would usually be happy to go ride up Nebo or do Camp Mountain repeats or SOMETHING outside in the rain, but I know i'm still walking on a knife-edge with sickness so I am riding the rollers inside and hating it.

It's not as bad as riding the fluid trainer, I guess, but it's still mind numbingly boring and is not helping me ride up hills any quicker. Plus the max time I will ever get (during 'nap' time) is an hour, so it's hard to call it training, rather riding for mental health's sake. And maybe for the skinfolds, I still take issue with their presence—I am not going to lie.

I have realised that my experiene of being actually distressed that I can't ride is probably not a normal one, so we're going to have a long hard think about that too.

End rant.