Child's Play

LOOK WHAT I GOT HERE! My newest gadget, John's phone, the simplest phone in the world! Despite the blog title above, this unique thing may look like a toy, but it is a real phone (mine is chrome gold *my favorite color*, the limited edition collection) and because of the simpleness, the battery lasts for 3 weeks. Exactly, what phone stays that long?! :)) Thanks to Indonesia's newest (and I can say, the most unique) social gift platform, Wishkoo for the lovely gift! Social GIFT platform, huh??

Yes, Wishkoo is a social gift platform, specializing in giving gifts (and making people happy!) :p We all know how wishlist works. But when it comes to birthday gift, we rarely received something we really REALLY want because nobody knows our personal wishlist. And so does when we're confused looking for the perfect gift for our best friend's birthday and nothing in stores meets the criteria of what she likes. In Wishkoo, you're not only able to wish your favorite things (and of course share it in your Facebook so everyone can see it! Meheheh) but you can also get it for freeeee, HOW? visit their website now! :))

 If you think this is some sort of online store or something, it's far more than that. Wishkoo allows you and your friends to collect 'love' for a gift, and when it reaches the exact amount of love, the gift is yours! And you can find a lot of unique & creative presents for your loved ones, such as throwing a surprise party (yes, you can also order it here!), new tattoo experience and even a lomo camera pre-wedding photoshoot. LOL, that will surprise your boyfriend / girlfriend for sure :p