Have a nap, goddammit!

Yesterday as I suited up for my morning ride it was about 6 degrees, but it was quite deceptive as the sun was peeking through. There was no deception once I had evacuated the house and began teetleing down the street, face frozen and hands like icicles.

It was a 'nothing' ride. One of those ones I always avoided as I never felt that much good came of recovery days. I knew deep down I was wrong but the thought of just going for a cruisy ride really didn't appeal. Until now.

Aside from the fact that I have been doing buttloads of reading on recovery, in addition to my newfound 'sensible-ness', I have begun to value the humble bikepath amble, the cruisy Samford ride or even the meagre riverloop (though to be fair I haven't done a riverloop in about a year) and even enjoy it. Plus, I seem to be over my creepy kind-of sickness (that kind-of sickness where doing stuff is fine, but as soon as you try to exercise you feel like death), and I don't want to go there again!

Kedron Brook bikepath, a perfect platform for pondering.

There are some exciting things afoot, as usual, and the humble recovery ride is really one of those rare times when you can sit back and reflect, scheme and plot what's going on. The Cat 6 racers can pass without me getting fired up, it's my day to enjoy some time out in the sun with no other goal than turning over the legs.

So, what's afoot? More Strong Women series stuff is coming through, so i'll be editing my butt off and popping that up soon enough, plus we have a few races coming up soon enough so there will be 'rollickingly good tales' coming up (my description, to be fair...), plus some more reviews of stuff i'm using and that I like.

Hint: I am excited to be able to head out for runs during the day shortly.

BTW: Elva, please be good and nap today. I don't like it when you're grumpy!