Review for Monster Energy--M3


160 mg


You know, for being a Monster beverage, this is one great big freakin’ pain in the butt to find.  I finally had to have someone bring a bottle up from California so as to be able to review it—what does that tell you?


At first glance, Monster Energy—M3…raises some eyebrows.  It’s this dinky 5 oz. glass bottle, so small you can’t tell whether it’s trying to be a shot or an energy drink—though it explicitly states it’s not the former.  Anyway, once you get over the size factor, it is rather eye-catching.


I’m not sure what to say with regards to the taste.  It tastes kind of like the original Monster, but…only just.  When I poured it out into the glass of ice, I got the predicted small amount of liquid, but with a positively enormous head of foam—thank you, nitrous technology.  In any case, I took a sip, and…it tastes mostly like flatness (all the carbonation went to creating that tower of foam), with some Monster, some artificial sweeteners, and a number of other aspects that I couldn’t quite place my finger on.  Not too disagreeable, but I do like being able to figure out all the nuances of what I’m drinking.


According to the bottle, this drink “packs a 16oz. punch into only 5 oz. of liquid.”  Seeing how I was not impressed with the original Monster’s kick, I wasn’t expecting much.  I wish I could have anticipated what I got—I would have saved this for a day of running/working around the house, rather than staying awake in meetings.  The kick consists mostly of jitters, and honestly, it can get rather uncomfortable.  If whatever you’re looking for an energy drink for requires you to stay awake while sitting still, I’d get something else—but if you’re going to be up and moving, this one’s okay.


M3 delivered a solid three and a half hours of energy before wearing off, with only some semblance of a crash.


Truth be told, I wasn’t terribly fond of this one.  It didn’t taste all that great, and frankly, I didn’t appreciate feeling so disproportionately jittery.  If you have 1) drank this straight from the bottle, and 2) drank this before moving around much, let me know your thoughts.  I’d be happy to hear how things went from that perspective.

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