Bird Of The Autumn

How's your week, peopleee? :D Finally another outfit post. So much things going on these weeks make me have to stay at home and barely even leave my bedroom to do all the tasks. I feel like a vampire in a bat cave. *le sigh* ...Sometimes it feels hard to pick just one thing to do when all of a sudden a big pile of assignments coming in to you like an avalanche, you just can't take a break. But it's a good thing that your job is keeping you busy, no? :) This one day for chilling out and read good books, is the day I really need right now.

Now look, look at this pretty dress! It is true that nice clothes are the best therapy. This dress came from She Inside, simply click here to shop the dress! :)

 I took a glance on my previous posts and realizing I rarely wear beanie hats and colored tights anymore... Wearing both together plus a coat will make you look like the girls on Korean dramas though. :)) *I might not highly updated about K-Pop trends nowadays but I always enjoy Korean series!* ...Wow, I've never felt this girly before.

Anyway, I'm inviting you to visit Ninotchka's new blog appearance! Tadaa! Heheheh. For now on if you need information about my cafe's menu, price, contact number & map, will help. :)

Beanie hat - Forever 21 , dress - She Inside , coat - John Rocha , unbranded tights,
watch - Daniel Wellington , shoes - Toshop