The past couple if weeks has seen me attempt to get back on track with riding, it's seen me oscillate wildly like a wayward desk-fan, between pumped and motivated and zapped with exhaustion. Luckily i'm stubborn, and the pumped and motivated bit has helped me through the exhausted couch-bound bits, and I have been hauling my lardy butt off the couch with monotonous regularity to go out for pedals.

I think it's too early to tell if the iron is truly helping, but I haven't had a repeat of what happened at Logan's Run, neither have I tried to push myself as if racing so who's to know really?

Strength is the name of the game for me at the moment, there's nothing like feeling like a Strong Woman, and doing strength on and off the bike really helps focus your eyes on the prize. That and coffee. Maybe i'll even be able to drop that last few kilos? Who knows, we'll wait and see—i'll be keeping my eye on that one too!

I am looking at doing some casual work in the near future, hopefully I will be able to do some part days so as to not interfere with Elva's feeding too much. If she breaks a few teeth through soon I feel I probably won't be feeding her for too much longer if her zeal for trying to take my nipple off with her gums persists with the pearly whites.
Mum falls asleep post ride...

The next installment of the Strong Women series will be up in the next day or so, so keep your eyes open for that, in the meantime go and ride your bike!