Rendered Love

Hello again! BUSY MONTH! So sorry for lack of updates, lot of stuffs to work on lately, and new FUN business :) Anyway, HAPPY IED MUBARAK! I'm always happy for Ramadhan holiday even though I'm not a moslem but the spirit is just heart-warming. My tradition every year is coming home to our big family in Surabaya, how I miss staying up in the car with mom dad and my siblings, and of course satisfying my eagerness for Javanese foods! I'm spending the holiday this year in Jakarta, it feels different and the holiday ended quicker but enjoying the empty roads of Jakarta is just another thing. :)) 

By the way, these are some video covers I recorded in the middle of my spare time, Looking Up by Paramore. I received a bunch of youtube comments requesting this song, so there you go! :D recorded using iPhone's front camera. So-so audio & visual quality but it's waay easier than record myself using a DSLR & tripod so I guess I'll be making covers more often in the future, heheh.

Since I'm spending this holiday with Audrio, here's our video covering Blink 182 - Wishing Well in the car :)) And have you heard the big news that Blink 182 and Paramore's going to play in the same stage at Soundwave next year in Aussie?!! It's like me & my boyfriend's dream come trueeeeee. We've bought the pre-sale tickets and hopefully we're flying there next year to watch em and other huge bands live on stage! SOO STOKED. It's gonna be our second time watching Paramore & very first time for Blink 182! :) :)

Again, recorded by my phone's front camera & simply mention @roycdc on twitter for the cellphone fisheye lens :) I'm going to Hongkong next month & will surely update the blog, do you have any favorite place (especially, FOR SHOPPING! xD) to share? Please feel free to share on the comment! :D