A Whole New World

I might mentioned that one of my resolutions this year is to travel more and visiting new places... and tomorrow we're going to spend my weekend at Hong Kong Disneyland! :D Did I just say we? Yes, I'm spending the holiday with Audrio, Bena & Clara Devi! this is gonna super fun and will surely embrace my childhood memories since I grew up with a lot of Disney cartoons and movies. I stumbled on HK Disneyland website this evening and found out they have added new attractions to their park! *excitement pumping*

And what's so awesome about this visit is they now have a theme park, which is my favorite Disney cartoon, Toy Story Land! I've never been brave enough to try adrenaline pumping attractions EVER (I've never ride roller coaster ever in my whole life... yes I'm that lame kid), but... Oh please, it's Toy Story! I promise you I'll take a picture on that thrilling 25 meters high U-shaped roller coaster. I know my face would be hilarious, but I will!

I'm also craving for some water adventure, and lucky me the new HK Disneyland have Grizzly Gulch and I'm gonna try this Geyser Gulch where I'll be ready to to get all wet! and there I'd like to try another roller coaster, it's Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, I heard that it's 1,100 meters long and THAT would be epic. 

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster, entering the mad world of Alice, not mentioning the beautiful fireworks I HAVE to watch at night. There are still a lot of spots to go and things to try on HK Disneyland, I wish 2 days are enough for me to visit them all... or not, I'll extend my visit :)) Oh, I'll also be staying at Disney's Hollywood Hotel! *insert childish squeaks here* ...Those vintage setting of Disney Hollywood... My mind's spoiled already.  Do you have any recommendation of what other attractions in HK Disneyland I must try, or maybe your story experiencing the hotel and etc? Share share! :)