Hot or Not: August PLUS September

It is with great speed that I find myself galloping towards September (I September, this post has been a long time coming)—yikes!? It it that time of year again? Little pea is on a few weeks shy of six months and where has time time gone?

"The days go slowly, but the years go fast". Someone wise once said that, stating the obvious in a lyrical manner. But it seems to never be truthier (it's a real word) than when you have a small child.

Anyway, without further musings, here is 'Hot or Not' for this month...just scraping into the end of August (I mean...beginning of September).



It's amazing. Brisbane, you are delivering. Clear blue skies, high 20's in heat, cool but not cold mornings. It's a beautiul time of year, and it never ceases to amaze me EVERY year how much I seem to 'wake up' with the sunnier weather. I can't handle the cold (yes, Brisbane can be col). It makes me miserable and saps my motivation a weather weasel. Sorry for the terrible analogy.
Sunshine State is sunny as bro.

Long Days on the MTB

Not so much the road, I have been heading out on hilly adventures, just for fun really. Nothing says fun more than clocking over 2000 vertical metres of climbing in a day, and really earning that sneaky beerios.


linked to number one, the daylight has done wonders for me coming out of winter hibernation. Want to head out at 6am? Sure, no lights required. Doesn't get much better than that, maybe when there's no armwarmers required either...


I'm sensing a theme here...


Little Pea has begun solids, and we're pretty lazy so Baby Led Weaning seemed right up our alley. It's a messy affair, but it will pay off in the long run, as she will be feeding herself when we're all eating the same meals, and that—to me—is a win. We have so far tried rice cereal (which was consumed with gusto, but the glue-like texture seemed to give Elva a pretty rough time in the guts afterwards. I thought 'correlation is not causation' so I tried it four times. Each time she devoured it but screamed after. We think we'll be giving it a miss from now on) as well as sweet potato, banana, broccoli, avocado and pear, and she seems pretty happy with it all.
Loving food so much she'll even wear it out.

Broccoli is the real winner, though...

Bike Racing

Having stocked up on iron, and now feeling generally a bit less woozy throughout the day, I am going to have another crack at the whole bike racing fiasco. I managed to get out and race some 'Cross last weekend, and have a bit of endurance racing coming up the next few weeks with the Pleasure and Pain 100km in a team with Daddy Pea, and at the Flight Centre Epic. And we all know how the Epic went down last year...

What have I got to lose? It should mean some fun days out and hopefully some good endurance training for the long run.

Boxing, strength and conditioning and other non-bike forays

I'm loving it! I have only just started doing weekly boxing and strength stuff at a mates gym, and manage to do a bit at home a couple of times a week too. It's massively good for the head and the body. Boxing would be my sport if I wasn't a MTBer...maybe, except for me being about as agile as a hippo in a vat of honey. But somehow I get the same rush, perhaps it's just letting of steam whacking shit? I don't know what it is, but I like it.
Ya never know, if I keep doing it I may get my mitts into something like this—cool!



Noone likes a flat tyre, and even worse when you're out on a spin on a pair of borrowed Zipp 808's. Which isn't really 'amazing' being a MTBer though some roadies would cream themselves at the opportunity. You gotta respect a fast wheel regardless. What's even worse is when they're carbon clincher but have a funny valve, so you're allaying your fears of flatting by taking an Effetto Mariposa espresso canister in the highly unlikely event that you'll flat on your 90min spin.

Bad choice...

Decaf Coffee

Do I really have to elaborate?