Found this dress while thrift-hunting like months ago. I know I'm possibly not gonna wear this dress anywhere outside my house, but I fell in love with the sequin bralette. Though it seems like walking between the line of 'cute' and 'skanky', the dress detail (the blue satin fabric & eyecatching sequins) reminds me a bit of the Blue Eyes Dress worn by Katy Perry, from Jean Charles de Castlebajac's Autumn 2008, don't you think? :p Well it's still worth to be my personal pleasure seeing sparkly things in my closet. :))

This edgy sunglasses is Creep Shade from my online store Riots Barbie. Go shop via Tumblr or follow our feed at instagram: @riotsbarbie! :)

It's the first week of September already. The dates are repeating but the months passes too fast. I accompanied my bestie Ceka at the airport last night and it's been 3 months of her vacation in Jakarta :( Everything's ended and changing so quickly. Better make the best of the rest 2012 so I won't be wasting the end of the year regretting anything, amen.