Playing Your Song

"Speak slowly, I can't hear you
My mind keeps spinning closer and closer
To the rain on the roof
And the rain in my head
And the things that you said
Keep on taking further ahead

And it just gets so foggy
It's nowhere in here
And it's everywhere else
That I don't want to be

But I'm stuck here
Getting misty over you
I'm alone on a bicycle for two..."


Just randomly wrote the lyrics of She & Him I'm listening while writing this post right now. :) Black Hole is one of my most favorite song from their albums, though it's hard to pick because I just love all of the tracks. I listen She & Him a lot and keep repeating even my mom always says "What, you're listening to MY grandma's kind of music?! This kind of music is too old, even for me." ...well I can't really blame my mom's taste of music since she loves Paramore too... :))
 I'm a huge fan of Paramore, and this is a completely different music, I guess I'm unconsciously becoming fan of some artists or singers with different genres, and that keeping my playlist away from being monotone and boring. One thing I love about She & Him's song is their cheery tunes while all they're singing is about a super sad and mellow lyric. And yes, I can always relate to the lyrics. Such a melodramatic person I am... NOT. :))

This Twiggy-ish dress I'm wearing is from SheInside. COULD IT BE ANYMORE SIXTIES?! Love. And bowler hat is indeed cute, and it fits most of my clothes. Anyways, the accordion's not to convince you that I can play it, but it does suits the dress, ...I think. xD I randomly *again* bought it on kids toys store about a few months ago just to cross one of my resolution 'learning one new musical instrument'. :)) But that toy's actually working and it's awesome. You can see how well I can play it by looking at my puppies always enjoy & sing whenever I'm playing the accordion ...or I'm not sure if they're actually barking on it. :))

PS. All photos are taken by my talented little brother Brian Imanuel. Today's his birthday, give him a shoutout on Twitter or check his channel on Youtube! :D