Hong Kong Snapshot #1

Apparently my feet was not in a very good shape in flat shoes after two days in Disneyland & a day exploring the shopping spots around Hong Kong, so my first purchase was... this bright blue vans! :)) Yeah, can you imagine how hardcore I walked until I can't stand on my FLAT shoes? but vans is by far my favorite comfy shoes for walking. Anyway, in Hong Kong there are a lot authentic shoes stores anywhere. You can easily spot Vans or Adidas, or Nike stores in every 2 minutes of walking. And every little stores (even magazine kiosks) along the streets are selling iPhone 5! In my country we can only buy iPhone at Apple stores. :D Just a little note, I did not know it was transition period for the seasons in Hong Kong, like on the morning it could be very bright and five minutes later it rained cats & dogs, so there it goes my second purchase of the day, the transparent umbrella!

The Ribbon Dress! I found this dress in one of the vintage shops my friends recommend in HK. The ribbon print makes me happy and I couldn't be happier to find out that this dress fits me. I got lots of problems finding the right size for vintage stuffs because most of the dresses size are always too big for me. :( and one my hunting instinct always insists me to go to any thrift market whenever I go somewhere new. MUST. GO. THRIFTING. Anyway, I'll tell you more about this thrift store on the next post. Audrio accompanied me shopping and turned out he loves thrift-hunting too! Meheheh. :p

Next place to go is Ladies Market & Langham Place at Mong Kok, Cotton On at Central, Tsim Tsa Shui (again), and... I forgot the rest because there are too many shopping malls there, haha! I entered somekind of plaza filled with cute clothes & shoes --some set a very high price for an unbranded shoes though, even H&M is cheaper & got a better quality-- do shop carefully :) See ya on the next post, still in HK!