Hong Kong Snapshot #2

What I rarely find in Jakarta, empty roads and free-pollution blue sky.

beautiful views of the harbour. :)

A window display of Susie Bubble, awesome! :)

the small boutiques district at Tsim Sha Tsui.

the six-floor Forever21, ladies!
the thrift store!

Unique fact about this thrift store I found in HK is, they open a few stores in different place, under the same name, Mee Gee, Me & George, or MG. It's actually smaller (with quite similar stuffs) like what we have here in Pasar Senen or Pasar Baru. But I always love thrifting so it's always been my first place to visit when I go anywhere! Thanks to my friend Gilbert Ganda who's always up to date to any shopping or eating spots -- he knowsss my passion of thrifting!-- I found this place on the store row in the middle of Ladies Market, Mong Kok. I found a dress, a coat, one knitted top, a denim shirt, and it's all my best find in this store :)