Lost in Translation


Just got back from HK! I feel so blessed for having a job that I love and it really feels like a vacation to me. Pick a job that you love to do and you don't have to work at all for your entire life, yes? :) I did extend a few days because 3 days in Hong Kong is not enough! This was actually the first time of me visiting Hong Kong, and I loveee to travel to new places. I can't wait to share it to you guys and of course, Disneyland! I stayed there for 2 days with my friends Clara Devi & Bena and it will be on my upcoming post :)

On the first day I was feeling totally lost & clueless because I wasn't planning to fly to HK for shopping etc. So glad for the invented technologies, the internet and stuffs, I survived with Google, GPS and Twitter! Thanks for all Twitter friends for telling me where to shop & where to eat, you saved my days! By the way, the internet connection was fast and there were free wi-fi in almost every malls so that is really helpful :) 

I went to HK's Forever 21, which is a must-visit place since people says it's one of the largest F21 store in Asia with 6 floors high filled with the cheapest apparels. It was soo crowded (well, Hong Kong is always crowded) and it took me about an hour to explore all the floors. :D

Happy face!

Then we went to Take5, one famous denim store in HK located at Tsim Sha Tsui. I love the little stores in Tsim Sha Tsui. It's like a never-ending little stores that when you just done exploring all the stores, then I found out that every stores have the second and third floor which occupied by different stores & boutiques! (Okay I'm new on this, I just started feeling like Vince Vaughn on The Watch on the very first time he saw Matryoshka.) I'll share more about my shopping experience on the next post!

Thank you boyfriend for being my substitute photographer during the HK trip! :p