love / convictions.

Lacey top & peplum pink skirt by Cloth Inc
denim jacket from HK's vintage market, vintage necklace

Thank you Cloth Inc for the pretty pairs of feminine clothes! Lol yes I'm filling my closet with a lot of skirts and dresses recently. I believe what you're wearing really can affect your mood for the whole day. New clothes make me happy. So does a good song. I'm writing this post while listening to Sometimes by Leftover Cuties, then I realized the mood matches today's outfit post so I stumbled across the lyrics and it's pretty much what I can relate. Actually if you listen closely to the lyrics, it's a broken-heart story though, sounds both cute and desperate at the same time. I love bands with ironically beautiful & very well-written lyrics. :)

// Sometimes love makes you get down on your knees
Shakes you down until you're broken up...
In this lonely life there's always a surprise
Waiting around the corner to meet you
Sometimes love makes you get back on your feet
Shakes you down until you've woken up...
And there's no place I'd rather be
There's no one else I'd rather be with, baby
There's nothing else you could've done to me //