oh mickey, you're so fine you blow my mind.

Finally, the Disneyland post! Last week was sooo much fun and I extended my visit in Hongkong so I just had the chance to write it now. :D My very first trip to HK Disneyland was magical! I went there with Clara & Bena and we stayed at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. My sister stayed at this hotel earlier and she told me so much about this hotel, it's one of the reasons I'm even more excited about the trip :)

Yes peeps, those uh-mayy-zing views above are taken straight from my hotel room! and I'm so stoked to see all of the interior are based on Disney characters, even in each room. It's just feel so comfortable yet so playful! :D

My Mickey-theme room at Disney Hollywood!

After one sweet recess on my lovely hotel room for awhile, we headed to one of the restaurants in Disneyland Hotel, Crystal Lotus, is famous for the characters dimsum! Here's the lunch menu:

Jack Shrimp Dumpling! No more nightmare before lunch because it’s delicious! :D 

Duffy Steamed Red Bean Puree Bun is so cute I don’t know how I’m gonna eat it :’) 

And the fresh Mickey Mango Pudding!

Then off we went to Disneyland Park, I CAN'T WAITTT! *cry of joy* :')

Disneyland pass! 

I entered the Disneyland park just in time when the Flights of Fantasy Parade started, and it was sooo beautiful. You really don’t wanna miss out this parade, for one minute I thought I’m too old to watch this, and another minute I was literally jumping around, waving at Mickey hysterically “OMG OMG they are real!!!” and nearly cried :)) Yeah, you just won’t deny that it’s really a dream come true to meet all of my Disney cartoon characters (and of course, the princesses) ... And they are just too cute. Good to know Snow White is real! :D

 I want this girl’s Buzz Lightyear costume! :D

Now it's time to explore all the attractions on Toy Story Land, the newest theme park on Disneyland Hong Kong! I loveeee the colorful decorations of this new park, built just like in Andy’s backyard with lots of gigantic toys and standing there made me feel like one of Andy’s toys. :D

Clara, Audrio and me choose the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop! Remember the green army toy soldiers in Toy Story? This is like an army-training in Disneyland :D First we go up with a parachute, and when it says “Go! Go! Go!” the parachute drops, slowly -- but still, tickles my whole body, to the ground. Seeing all no-scared faces of the kids on the Parachute Drop, at first I thought this would be like cable car. But, do not expect anything! Hahaha! 

Excuse my annoying screams and uncontrolled hand-held camera (my bro changed my voice into chipmunk-ish by the way), it was so tickly & amusing ride, I laughed a lot with a helpless face because it’s my first time facing my scared of heights with such an attraction, and it’s totally worth it! :D 

barking pass! Woof :D

Yes, now it’s time to really chill myself out with Slinky Dog Spin, a roller coaster for all ages with a circle track.... while Bena and his sister queing for RC Racer, an attraction with a track shaped of a radio-controlled car, swinging over 180 degrees back and front with a very high speed like this: 

That was just insane, an extreme pleasure for people with true guts! :D I can say it’s awesomely scary. I wish I have enough guts someday to come back here and try to not faint when riding this. :D Planning to chill our self out after the hysterical ride, we decided to watch The Golden Mickeys musical play at Fantasyland.

It’s beyond what I expected, all the characters from the Disney movies, sing and dance! Mickey & Minnie, Hunchback from Nottredame, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch, the actors and actresses’ voices are amazing, it felt so dreamy. I believe everyone of us no matter how old we are, is still a little child at heart. This musical play brought me back to my childhood memories, especially the Cinderella’s happy ending part. Wow, I used to watch that every night before bedtime! :) Such a lovely memory. 

We went back to the hotel with starving tummy after the whole day, and had a buffet dinner at Chef Mickey. As you can gues from the name, you can take pictures with Mickey Mouse as the chef of the restaurant, isn't that cuteee... :D 

Thank you Chef Mickey for having us dining at your restaurant! I'll be back with more pictures on my second day at Disneyland, stay tune! :) 

+ all pictures are taken by me and Audrio.