Review for Monster Energy--Zero Ultra


160 mg


Still emerging, but bound to become more widespread as time goes on.


If you’re into reading spiels on the sides of energy drinks, you’ll know that Zero Ultra is sort of geared towards female Monster Energy drinkers.  After giving Zero Ultra a good looking over, I’m ready to say, “screw pink—thisis how you do the packaging on chick energy drinks!”

I’d be hard-pressed to think of anything energy-inducing/sustaining that looks so dang sophisticated.  It honestly looks like they put out a white can and sent it to Smith and Wesson for some engraving.  The frosty white, the silver paisley and M are sharp enough to fit right into any formal occasion—and it also looks nice if you’re just pounding it down at your desk in khakis and a button-up shirt studying for an organic chemistry test.


Reading over the story of how Monster Energy came up with the idea for Zero Ultra, I’ll admit—I started to think I was going to get another take on the Monster flavor.  I was getting all ready for a multiparagraph rant that could be summed up as “how many times to we need to taste the same freaking thingtweaked just a hair?!”  Then, popping open the can, I realized it wasn’t going to be anything like that.

Monster Energy—Zero Ultra doesn’t taste anything like the original—or Lo-Carb, or Absolutely Zero, or Assault, or Import, or Import Light, or Übermonster.  Zero Ultra is very much its own drink, that tastes more than anything else like lemon with a hint of blue raspberry—almost like Xyience Xtreme Frostberry Blast, only less full-flavored and with a bit more of a sucralose taste.

I liked it quite a bit.  It’s good enough that I’ll be coming back to it often, especially since I can’t seem to find Frostberry Blast anywhere around here.


Pretty decent—like Cuba Lima, it’s on the high end of average, with enough alertness to satisfy most and relatively few jitters.


Three and a half hours, no real crash.


While I don’t think it’s enough to be considered earth-shaking, I quite liked Zero Ultra, and feel comfortable declaring it another winner in the Monster line.  Give it a whirl when it becomes locally available.

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